creating successful shareholder meetings

PCS Meets!, the strategic meeting facilitation division of Psych/Consult Systems, an international leader in creative organizational & human resource development, can assist you in creating successful shareholder meetings, even in these contentious times. We reproduce here our popular White Paper on the topic; contact us for your printed copy and more information.
Synergy for Success:
What goes into a successful Shareholders' Meeting?
Dr. Barbara Strand, President, Psych/Consult Systems

We're sounding a wake-up call to corporate management: post-Enron, post-market bubble, the climate is changing drastically and your annual shareholder meeting—and you—must change with it. New legislation is reshaping corporate responsibilities and shareholder expectations and oversight. Both globalization of markets and the emerging power of special interest groups are shifting stockholder demographics, and disillusioned and distrustful investors are increasingly aggressive and litigious.
If you're planning the old-style, management-controlled 'dog and pony show', you're in for a rude awakening. You must work long before, during, and well after the Annual Meeting to maximize its positive results. Psych/Consult Systems can work with you at every step.
Before The Meeting:
During The Meeting:
The Basic Stance:

Should you include your directors in your meeting? Explore our perspective here.
How can you use the 'Meet, Greet, 'n Eat' events to best advantage? Learn some tips here.
After The Meeting:
Don't sit on your laurels yet! You still have to maximize the positive effect of a good Annual Meeting:
In these ever-challenging times, following these guidelines will help assure your Annual Meeting is a creative opportunity for synergy and success. Psych/Consult Systems will work with you every step of the way.
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