Should we include our directors
in our meeting?

We often advise having directors on the dais facing the audience, sending the message that the board is engaged and committed, and that you're proud of them. At the least, put them in the front row, introduce them, and have them stand and give the group a wave. It's another way to put a human face on the corporation.
Although expecting board members to answer shareholder questions is not yet the norm, we sometimes recommend at least having committee chairs available for questions, particularly with the new audit committee rules and compensation committee decisions being hot topics. Just beware of directors who will be targets because of their positions on OTHER boards. We always make sure the directors are prepared to present a consistent open style with that of the CEO, even if their participation will be much more informal.
The wrong comment from a director can undo all your hard work; the right attitude and approach can reinforce your corporate message powerfully.
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